How to Increase Product Team Efficiency: The Implementation Map Tool

Every company aims to be profitable, but for that to be achieved, it is important that the product team, strategy team and every other team in the ecosystem work efficiently. For a company to become profitable they must have an offering that offers great value to its target audience. This offering could either be a service or a product. However, for the purpose of this post, we are going to focus on the product side and that’s focusing on the product team.

The product team is the arm of any company charged with the responsibility of developing great products for the market. It is also expected that these products attract the attention of their target market, while still increasing the loyalty level of their already existing customer base which impacts their bottom line.

So how do you develop great products with a level of efficiency? How do you create a structured system that produces results in the most efficient way possible?

A good way for teams to become very efficient in developing great products customers will love is by properly delegating tasks and process that will be required for the execution of a solution.

To enable teams to delegate in a very structured way, we at DODO have developed and used internally and externally to help product teams work more efficiently. The tool is called the Implementation Map.

What is the Implementation Map?
The Implementation map is used to guide teams on next steps to take after coming up with a solution for a product/process. The implementation map ensures that there are persons responsible for every step to be carried out. The implementation helps teams properly delegate responsibilities amongst team members, ensuring that tasks are clearly defined.

Now delegation is a very important factor for any product team that wants to become quite efficient in their processes. They must be tasks that are delegated to particular individuals within the team, to be delivered at a specific time to allow the teamwork in sync towards a geared purpose. The Implementation map captures all that to prevent priority misplacements. What you find from most teams that have worked on a particular product over a long time is that they become too invested in the aspect delegated to them and they forget the overall objective of the project. However, the implementation map makes certain that this vital piece of information is always front and centre in the mind of all team members involved. The map covers:

  1. The idea being developed: on the implementation map, the overall idea to be developed is clearly written down. This is to ensure that the idea isn’t forgotten at any point by the team as they can quickly refer to the implementation map.
  2. The reason behind the idea: A lot of time people don’t work to their best because they don’t understand the need to. However, with the implementation map, everyone in the team can quickly be referred to the map, to understand the whole objective of the idea/solution they are building for.
  3. The steps required for the desired idea to become a useable solution by the target audience: Every step that is necessary for the actualisation of the solution can clearly be detailed out, as there is a designated column for you to write down each step.
  4. The people responsible for each task/step required: Reduce the excuse of team members saying “they weren’t aware” or “weren’t sure” the tasks were assigned to them. Have your team members names written on every task, so that each task has a team member that can be held accountable.
  5. The timeline for the expected date of completion for each of the tasks: You find that projects linger too long because sometimes, there isn’t a stipulated date of completion. Now for a team to be very efficient, they have to be able to clearly define their timelines and the implementation map ensures that a set date is giving to every step/task.

With such details clearly documented and followed every team member knows what is expected of them when is expected and why is expected. This brings every team member to the shared vision making them work better as a team.

As the head of a team, be it a product, strategy or digital team, it is important that you have everyone’s task clearly defined, while still making sure they are all working towards the same goal. You can download the implementation map here or watch our Youtube video on how to use here.

We will be very excited to hear from you how it improved on your team’s efficiency. Feel free to ask us any question you might have as well.

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